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COT: (130 x 66)

Product Order Code

Recommended Retail Price

Duvet cover (115x 78)(1 x embr incl) BBC01 R 599.00
Duvet Inner (115 x78) BBC02 R 195.00
Cot pillow BBC03 R 70.00
Cot pillow case BBC04 R 125.00
Detailed cot pillow case(excl embr) BBC05 R 130.00
Bumper inner BBC06 R 185.00
Bumper cover BBC07 R 395.00
Tidy bag /cot bag (excl embr) BBC08 R 440.00
Cot quilt (120 x 80)(1xembr incl) BBC09 R 695.00
Fitted Sheet (colour) BBC10 R 415.00
Fitted Sheet (white) BBC11 R 265.00
Cot Flat sheet (colour) BBC12 R 380.00
Cot Flat Sheet (white) BBC13 R 230.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


long bumper inner BBL01 R 195.00
long bumper cover BBL02 R 420.00
large duvet inner BBL03 R 210.00
Large cot duvet cover(1xembr incl) BBL04 R 695.00
Large Fitted sheet (colour) BBL05 R 450.00
large fitted sheet (white) BBL06 R 280.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


Cellular baby blanket (1 x embr incl) BBE01 R 395.00
Feeding pillow BBE02 R 475.00
Change Mat inner BBE03 R 280.00
Change Mat cover BBE04 R 275.00
Change mat cover large BBE05 R 290.00
Trad Nappy Stacker (excl embr) BBE06 R 290.00
Disposable nappy stacker (excl embr) BBE07 R 290.00
Bunting BBE08 R 265.00
Nursing cover BBE09 R 280.00
Preggie pillow BBE10 R 575.00
Bath Apron (excl embr) BBE11 R 395.00
Hooded Towel (excl embr) BBE12 R 280.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


Doughnut – plain (excl embr) BBP01 R 835.00
Removable Doughnut BBP02 R 870.00
Square playmat BBP03 R 870.00
Large Carry Cot (excl embr) (90cm x 55cm x 30cm) BBP04 R 1050.00
Small Carry Cot (70cm x 40cm x 23cm) BBP05 R 850.00
Large Carry Cot Stand BBP06 R 2250.00
Bean bag (excl embr) BBP07 R 680.00
Laundry / Toy barrel (excl embr) BBP08 R 520.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


3 Piece Cot set
Incl. Cot Duvet Cover (1 x embroidery included), Cot Pillow Case & Cot Bumper Cover
BBS01 R 1025.00
6 Piece Cot set
Incl. Cot Duvet Cover (1 x Embroidery Included), Cot Duvet Inner,
Cot Pillow Case, Cot Pillow Inner, Cot Bumper Cover, Cot Bumper Inner
BBS02 R 1420.00
Large bale set (3 x embr incl) BBS03 R 2800.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


Toddler pillow & pillowcase (excl embr) BBPC01 R 265.00
Toddler pillowcase (excl embr) BBPC02 R 160.00
Toddler inner BBPC03 R 105.00
Bolster cushion & Inner (excl embr) BBPC04 R 290.00
Std. Pillow case BBPC05 R 245.00
Detailed std pillow case (excl embr) BBPC06 R 265.00
Oxford Pillow Case BBPC07 R 495.00
Embroidered Scatter & inner (1xembr incl) BBPC08 R 390.00
Embroidered cover only BBPC09 R 280.00
Plain scatter & inner BBPC10 R 265.00
Scatter inner BBPC11 R 105.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


Single d/c excl p/c (2 x embr incl) BBB01 R 1180.00
¾ d/c excl p/c (2 x embr incl) BBB02 R 1230.00
Double Duvet (2 x embr incl) BBB03 R 1680.00
Single fitted Sheet (white) BBB04 R 575.00
Single fitted Sheet (colour) BBB05 R 595.00
3/4 bed fitted sheet (white) BBB06 R 650.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style

MOZI  NETS & CURTAINS (142cm wide – 220cm drop):

Mosquito Net BBMC01 R 930.00
Mosquito Net with Flag detail BBMC02 R 1050.00
Mosquito Net with border (excl embr) BBMC03 R 1025.00
Carry cot Mosquito Net cover BBMC04 R 105.00
Cot / Camping Cot Mosquito Net cover

Cot Mosquito Net Cover



R 160.00

R 210.00

Unlined standard (tape) BBMC07 R 730.00
Unlined Tabtop BBMC08 R 745.00
Lined standard (tape) BBMC09 R 910.00
Lined Tabtop BBMC10 R 940.00
BabyBugs - Kids Room & Baby Nursery Décor with Style


Fitted crib sheet – white BBCr01 R 150.00
Fitted crib sheet- colour BBCr02 R 220.00
Crib Flat sheet – colour BBCr03 R 265.00
Crib Flat sheet – white BBCr04 R 175.00
Mos crib Hooded/non bumpers – White BBCr05 R 595.00
Mos crib Hooded/non bumpers – Colour BBCr06 R 725.00
Crib frill – colour & white BBCr07 R 640.00
Crib bumper cover white BBCr08 R 230.00
Crib bumper cover colour BBCr09 R 310.00
Crib bumper inner BBCr10 R 115.00
Additional embroidery BBA01 R 90.00
Extra Fabric per metre BBEF01 R 245.00
Local Delivery BBLD01 R 0.00
Postage & Insurance BBPI01 R 0.00